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Photo:  Patricia Harris presents Adrienne (with her father, Scott) the Dorian Royster Memorial Award in 2010.  This award is presented to a EDGE program graduate (at Kenensaw State University) who has what appears to be insurmountable odds against them but succeeds anyway.  

This is a story about the desire to obtain independence.  It is a story about hard work, passion, and living life to its fullest.  Adrienne is the hOt shAdes story.  Adrienne is a young woman who has many passions.  She loves being with friends, dancing, attending activities in the community, working, vacationing, and more.  Adrienne also has intellectual and physical disabilities which affect her speech, movement and cognitive functioning.  The wonderful thing is that Adrienne doesn't let her restrictions limit her love of life.  Adrienne sees herself as an independent young woman.  She has always included herself in school, in the community, and in life!

  Because of her disability, Adrienne is entitled to benefits through government programs.  However, the monthly compensation is not enough for Adrienne to live outside of her family's home and Adrienne has expressed her desire to one day live independently like her older sister.  This is where another one of Adrienne's passions comes into play.  Adrienne has been an avid shades wearer since the first grade.  It was this interest in sunglasses that led to the idea of starting a company that sells fashion and sports sunglasses as well as reader glasses. In the fall of 2009 we did just that, and hOt shAdes was born.  Our goal is to help Adrienne in creating a job and income stream so she will have enough of a monthly income to support herself.  

  To reach this goal we sell sunglasses and reader glasses at local events and in independently run local businesses.  We are also launching this website (2014) to continue our endeavor to reach sales goals to aid in the pursuit of Adrienne one day living independently - her dream.  We thank you for your support of this business so that together we can write the next chapter in Adrienne's story and ensure that she reaches the happy ending she has been working so hard to achieve.  

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